October 31, 2023

What follows are the known Legends HD Universal Firmware issues and notes dated August 23, 2023, up to and including Legends HD Universal Firmware v5.70. Each of these known issues is actively being worked on.

1. Some Pinball Packs are unplayable in “Top” “Pro Button Mode” as they are improperly key mapped in ArcadeNet®/AppStoreX.
2. Firmware may show multiple sides of the QuadPlay are successfully paired inside pairing screen. However, the device will still show the pairing lights blinking and the QuadPlay will have no functionality.
3. Certain users may have issues using the top control deck buttons for Left and Right flippers for pinball tables on certain Legends HD control decks.
4. Under BYOG (Bring Your Own Game), certain multiplayer UCE titles break when QuadPlay is connected to the Legends Ultimate HD (1.1/1.2). When the 2-player stock control deck is installed, the UCEs work again. This may be fixed using an updated MAME core when user builds the game he/she owns into UCE files.
5. When exiting Legends Link, PC mouse functionally might be lost. Restarting the PC should correct the issue.
6. On the BitLCD, when the video marquee is playing on loop inside AddOnX menu, it may freeze, and it will not correct itself until user disconnects power supply.
7. When formatting FDX it goes to 99.99% and then proceeds to stay on this for 3-5minutes before finishing.
8. Cloud Pinball Tables are upside down on Legends Pinball HD. This is unrelated to firmware and will be fixed in the cloud separately in the future.
9. Legends Ultimate HD (1.1/1.2) device will randomly start with no Wi-Fi available. User cannot connect or load any Wi-Fi connections. Once user reboots Wi-Fi connection, Wi-Fi should return.
10. On Legends Ultimate HD (1.1/1.2), the control deck’s wireless connection may turn on after initial start-up.
11. For now, some users may experience instances where duplicate tables and/or game packs may be visible on your Legends HD device when adding newer packs containing titles that overlap. This is currently being worked on and there are no known adverse effects or degradation to system performance.
12. Voice chat application may have difficulties creating or joining a chat room.
13. Live Streaming may not work correctly on certain devices.
14. Network Testing Kit Speed Test may show incorrect speeds.
15. When Attract Mode is running for a lengthy amount of time, it may cause the main screen to display a “No Signal” message.
16. When Gottlieb Tables 1.0.92 launch on Legends Pinball HD and Legends Pinball Micro HD, the backglass momentarily displays a red screen.

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